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What can I search for?

Card names Black Lotus
Card text Indestructible
Types Vampire or Planeswalker
Sets & blocks Shadows over Innistrad or just SOI
Colors Red Elf
Mana Cost 2BG
Artists Mark Tedin
Rarity Mythic dragon
Watermark Dimir Watermark

Advanced tricks


ComboDeck has an easy-to-use color picker. Here are some additional ways to search by color.

Multicolor Multicolor artifact
Monocolor Monocolor artifact
Colorless Colorless sorcery
Shard, guild, or clan colors Jeskai legendary creature
WUBRG colors RUG legendary creature

Format legality

ComboDeck has an easy-to-use format picker. Here are some additional ways to search by format legality.

Legal in a format Modern "win the game"
Available on MTGO MTGO Pauper mountainwalk
Available in paper Paper Pauper mountainwalk
Reserved list cards Reserved dragons

Magic lingo

In addition to the words that appear on cards, here are some other Magic words ComboDeck recognizes.

Permanent Permanent "destroy target creature"
Nonbasic Nonbasic Modern common
Spell Spell mana pool
Activated Activated blue legendary

Collector's information

Original printing Original Necropotence
Reprint Reprint Black Lotus
Promo Promo Elesh Norn
Search by year 1994 Dragons

Search without words

You can use the word "card" to do a search using only the search filters

Card Cards (in Standard which cost at least 9 mana)


Use the word "Banned" to search through banlists. Use the search interpretation picker to choose a format.

Banned Banned (in Modern)
Restricted in Vintage Restricted (in Vintage)

Fancy search terms

Have a very specific search in mind? These tools can help you get there.

Avoid a specific word Haste !Red
Find an exact phrase "Destroy all lands"
Match (this) or (that) Legendary Zombie//Skeleton


Symbol Keyword
White {w}
Blue {u}
Black {b}
Red {r}
Green {g}
Colorless {c}
Generic {1}
X {x}
Snow {s}
Phyrexian White {w/p}
Tap {t}
Untap {q}
Energy {e}

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